Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend wrap up

Tensions were running high in packed-to-capacity, Slovak-owned and operated Carculcah as the Slovaks lost to the Czechs in the hockey. But, teamBEAT!!!™, in typical form, managed to reunite the two in a celebration of peace and love reminiscent of post-Velvet Revolution revelry:

Oli spun some fantastic electro until late and we went on to Bukanyr for more. A great night. Saturday’s Million Man Marijuana March brought around 12 000 people to the summit of what is probably the only bad view of Prague:

And karaoke at the Globe saw some fantastic talent and a few brand new songs. We went on to Chapeau Rouge for even more late night / early morning mayhem. Here's Spencer belting out some Meatloaf:

The weekend wrapped with a barbecue out in beautiful Černošice Mokropsy. Here’s the view from Jirka’s porch:

Then back to Prague for drinks and fotbalek at the Red Room with diehard (or not at all) mikeFEST!!!™ers, Lawrence and Bulat who have attended the most events so far:

TONIGHT 9.5: FREE MONDAYS at ROXY for some Moravian house music of all things and

TOMORROW 10.5: live street painting from 18h in front of Bio Oko over in P7, followed by the Czech premiere of Banksy's “Exit through the GiftShop” at 20h30 – here's a link to the event from the good folks over at Chemistry Gallery who are hosting.

Hope to see you at both or either and, as always, happy mikeFEST!!!™

Friday, May 6, 2011

this mF weekend

Here's the line-up for this mikeFEST!!!™ weekend:

TONIGHT FRI 06.05.11
@ bar Carculcah: šafaříkova 11, prague 2 -M- IP Pavlova -T- Bruselská
20h Czech Rep vs. Slovakia (hockey) call 777.352.024 to reserve a spot.
22h teamBEAT!!!™ soviet synth-pop revival: revived and live! Here's some required reading.
23h Oli – mixing and spinning the very deepest and hardest electro!
15h MMM (CZ’s 4/20) @ parukářka: the hill park near olšanská, P3
20h karaoke @ the globe: pštrossova 6, P1

SUNDAY 08.05.11
12h wet dogs barbecue @ Jirka’s in černošice mokropsy, P54
RSVP 777.352.024 for info & directions.

Hope to see you at any or all events!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

¡cinco de mike-OH!

Last night’s GEEKfest! was literally a blast – and I got blasted more than most in Half-Life, some Zombie thing and even UT. Thanks, Greg, for hosting and proceeding to kick my ass. 

Tomorrow’s main event @carculcah:

20h will kick-off with a face-off as the Czech Republic meets Slovakia on the ice at (Slovak) Bar Carculcah (the new ‘snail bar’), now located up by bruselská tramstop @ šafaříkova 11, Prague 2 (Czech Republic) – let me know if you’re coming for the game.

22h (or thenabouts) teamBEAT!!!™ - soviet synth-pop revival: revived and live!

23h OLI – spinning hard electro!

best mikeFEST!!!™ ever.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the reign of jarrod

After his big win at poker yesterday on the heels of the Chicken Day victory, it looks like Jarrod may sweep this year’s mikeFEST!!!™. Is there no stopping this man? GEEKfest will tell:

Scott and Tommy also won big and even I managed to get away with 200 crowns. The real winner, however, was Spencer’s spinach dip:

Full disclosure of winnings and losses for tax purposes, along with an important update to the mikeFEST!!!™ schedule will be announced today at noon sharp over Prague’s public address system. Listen carefully and see you at GEEKfest!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

table's full

Poker is fully-booked for tonight - results to be reported tomorrow. Wish me luck. Sorry it's taken me a while to post, but as many of you know already, I was part of that small group of Americans who went after bin Laden just after Chicken Day. It was the perfect pre-mission send-off and a great kick-off for mikeFEST!!!™ with Jarrod sporting a teamBEAT!!!™t-shirt (concert Friday) for the occasion and inspiration for my mission as he collected the big prize. Thanks, buddy:

Tomorrow brings us Greg's GEEKfest! @battleZoneMyslíkova 23, P1 - Looks like we'll be playing Half Life and Counter Strike from 19h and hope to go until 4 in the AM. Gonna feel a little weird after the real deal, but should be fun. I think there may be a couple of places left. Lemme know if you're interested. Happy mikeFEST!!!™

Monday, May 2, 2011

trash triathlon rescheduled

Bowling will be rescheduled due to rain...

and the fact that yesterday's blow-out kick-off at Chicken Day was over-the-top, taking most of the bowlers down with it. I will, however, be meeting people at Bar 'Boudoir' at Francouzská 50 after 21h.

Tomorrow's 'poker in the park' will also move indoors due to anticipated inclement weather. Call or SMS me at 777.352.024 if you're interested.

Thanks and happy mikeFEST!!!™

Sunday, May 1, 2011

mikeFEST!!!™ is NOW.

mikeFEST!!!™ officially kicks off this afternoon at Chicken Day on Petřín Hill. Followed by the anti-fascist May Day festival on Císařská louka in Prague 5. See you there and Happy mikeFEST!!!™!

Full schedule below.